<Help> how to replace the dead pixels in the image

Hi All,

I’m new to ImageJ and I’m trying to remove the black dot (I assume these are dead pixels) and then replace these dots with a grey scale color. The region is shown in the red rectangle. Do you have some suggestions to do this?
33 AM

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated!

Good day Shelly,

these dots don’t appear as being dead pixels (of a sensor).

Before we can come up with solutions we should like to see a better image.

  1. Without the indicated region (actually showing three frames, one in red, two in gray).
  2. Without artifacts. Looks like JPG-artifacts but may be caused by another kind of image-compression. Please post a raw image in PNG-format.



Hi Herbie,

Thank you for reply and suggestions. Please see the below image:

Thanks again for your help!

Here is a result from using Photoshop:

Before After

Is this what you are looking for, or do you need a scientifically approved/verified solution?