Help for tool to work with 2 channels easly



Hi everyone

I thought about a little tool that can help me for my analysis and I don’t know if there is a tool in fiji.

I need to go over many images with 2 channels for each one and sometimes three channels, but I need to change the appearance of the channels all the time, I mean that I should turn it on and afterwards turn the channel off, in order to see the difference between the channels.

Is there any tool that allow me see the 2 channel together but when I move a little square on the image I can see only one of the 2 channels?

let’s say that my original image is 100X100 and there are 2 channels green and red in layout, and I have a mini square of 10X10, so that I mover this square on the images I can see only one channel on the screen,

It is like a magnifying glass that exist in many application.

Is there any tool like this in fiji?
if not is there any way that allow me to do such kind of tool? what if the function?
I can program such tool in python?



Good day,

I’m not aware of such a tool and I don’t think that there are very many persons who need it.

That said, yes you “can program such tool in python” or even better in Java as an ImageJ-plugin, although I think it won’t be a beginners project.
(I don’t think that the ImageJ-macro language is capable of doing this.)

BTW, are you aware of the “Image >> Color >> Channels Tool…” ?




Hi Herbie

Thank you for your response.

I think that tool like this may be very useful because because you will not need to change the channels all the time, you only need to go over the full image with your mouse cursor and you will see the results of the one of the channels, this may be very useful especially for coloalization.

I am aware of this tool, and this is the point, instead of to toggle the channels with this tool I want to do it with kind of small square .

Thank you again


I got your idea but now it’s your turn …