Help! Drosophila Nuclei Intensity


I am new to CellProfiler and was trying to use it to find out the ploidy level of nuclei in DAPI stained early stage Drosophila embryos. I am trying to see if the intensity of the nuclei can be related to the ploidy levels. (Something like: more intense the signal more DNA in the nuclei???)

I have a number of 100x100 sq. pixel images that I want to calculate the total fluorescence signal intensity (?), individual nuclei intensities and average nuclear intensity.

Can I get some help with that.

I have attached my files and the pipeline below.
DAPI.cp (21 KB) (598 KB)


Glad you’re giving CellProfiler a try! Your images look very similar to our “Fruit fly cells” example on our Examples page. You may want to download that example, give it a try on the sample images enclosed and then see if you can tweak the settings to accommodate your images.