Help analyzing particles that are outlines

I am trying to analyze particles that are essentially circles that are not filled in. Is there a way to analyze these? For example a threshold will detect the edge of the particles, but analyzing these “particles” then returns the area of the outline. I want the area inside the outline or something close.


Hi @bbb123

This sounds like a job for watershed!
@iarganda did a fantastic job at putting together a plugin that can deal with edge images. Have a look here:


Would it work to run Fill Holes before analyzing the particles? That’s a quick-and-dirty fix – @tinevez’s suggestion will certainly deal with more complex situations.


Great thanks to the both of you. I am going to take another shot at lighting before acquiring images and see if I can improve the process a bit. Right now I can get it to work but have to do a bit of adjustments for each image.