Help a newbie determine drop profile dimensions

Hi, I’m trying to process these sort of Images;

I need to determine the edge to edge distance, from both side to side and top to bottom, i.e. i.e i need the longest horizontal and vertical distances of the ellipse (Lens).

I’m not sure how best to achieve this? - I have 1000’s of images to analyse in this manner, any help would be much appreciated!

Hi @Moo

Droplet analysis is by far not a new field, but if you’d like a starting point you can look at the Biomedical Imaging Group at EPFL, they developed two approaches and two ImageJ plugins to assess just what you want. While the batch processing part is non-existent, and manual initializations need to be made, the methods used are pretty powerful.

what I am personally worried about is the lack of strong contrast between the drop and the background on your image, if you compare it to the images in the publication above or the ones below. As you see from my quick trial, the angle is not too well computed.

Here are a couple of publications as well



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I think Bob Dougherty’s measure-ROI-PA plugin will do exactly what you want (measure feret and ortho-feret). It’s availavle from his website: