Heatmap Generation 2.0

As a bit of a follow-up to a previous post, I’ve run into another issue… when generating a heatmap from my greyscale image (using the ‘Thermal’ LUT), I’m wondering if there is a way to apply a logarithmic scale to the color assignment. I’ve attached a sample image that I would ideally love to be lit-up with red (our positive control), but even after toying around within the Image > Color > Edit LUT… function I can’t seem to achieve a desirable result. I’ve attached I heatmap I obtained from MATLAB as a bit of a guideline as to what I’m hoping for… Thanks!!

70082A Greyscale.tif (11.0 MB)

To apply a Log to the image with the current ImageJ, you can convert the image to 32-bits and apply a Logarithm to each pixel with Process > Math > Log

Unfortunately in ImageJ1 there isn’t a way to show a Log scale natively, so you convert the original data…