Hdf5 calibration

Hi All,

I am saving image data into hdf5 files (could be multi-resolution or multi-channel or multi-timepoint). In any case the actual 3D (or 2D) data-cube belonging to one channel and time-point is called Data.

For each data-cube I would like to store the image calibration as well. I know how to do this using hdf5 attributes, but I was wondering if there is already is some kind of standard such that I am as compatible as possible with other projects?

For example, using Fiji’s HDF5 plugin it says:

Warning: Can’t read attribute ‘element_size_um’ from file ‘/Users/tischi//uuu/im1–C00–T00000.h5’, dataset ‘/ResolutionLevel 0/Data’:

Is that a standard for storing calibration data in HDF5 files that I should adhere to?

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