HDF file reader doesn't suspend the calling macro, so it interprets on while the h5 file is loaded

Below is a simple code that attempts to read in an HDFS file and convert it to a simple stack, however the code executes the conversion before the .h5 file is read in. Most plugins suspend the calling macro while they execute, but not this one it seems.
//Macro begin
//if you don’t already have an h5 file.
//make one with this commented out code
//Select the commented out code
//and ‘run selected code’ (crtl-shift-r)
run(“T1 Head (2.4M, 16-bits)”);
run(“Save to HDF5 File (new or replace)…”, “”); // name and place it
//The following code exhibits the problem
run(“HDF5…”,""); //This line doesn’t suspend this macro so…
run(“Hyperstack to Stack”); //this line executes before the file is loaded
//Macro end__

I can work around this by preceding the HDF read command with a waitForUser command, releasing the macro after the file is read in via the wait ForUser dialog.

I’d believe the HDF reader/writer would be more useful if it behaved more like similar macros with their own dialoges… like the one below.

//Macro Begin ________________________
run(“Boats (356K)”);
run(“Ridge Detection”);
print(“The macro was paused while Ridge Detection was run”);
//Macro End__________________________

Please let me know if there is a way to suspend the calling macro when importing HDF files other than a manual modeless dialog.

Ron DeSpain