HCS window does not open on a particular user profile

Hi there,
Everything is in the title.
Selecting HCS resulkts in opening a directory with some custom plates descriptions (.txt files), but selecting one does not open the HCS widow. On an other user profile, HCS window shows as expected.
What can be done to get the HCS window back?

Hi @pognonec,

Easiest “fix” would be to delete the user profile, and start a new one. However, before doing so, it would be great if you could start MM with the affected user profile, select Help > Report a Problem, start the HCS plugin, and then send the problem report. It may show the place the code breaks, so that we could potentially code around the problem.

Also, it would be wonderful if you could email me a copy of the affected profile. It is located on Windows in C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Micro-Manager\UserProfiles (note that AppData is a hidden directory on Windows, you will need to unhide it).

Hi Nico,
I just sent the Problem Report.
Profile unable to open HCS window is attached.

profile-1.txt (144.7 KB)