HCS site generator plugin doesn't build xy list

Hi all,

I’m having an issue where when I press the build MM list button in the HCS site generator plugin, no list of coordinates appears in the Mutli-D xy positions list and i tried to refresh. We were running a build of 1.4.23 from 2019 so updated to nightly but still the same. I have attempted to upload the core log but not sure it says what the problem is.

Thanks for the help,


CoreLog20200811T122823_pid4140.txt (90.1 KB)

Hey Matt,

do you select the wells that you want to generate a list of sites for?

Use click + drag, or select the wells individually with ctrl + click. Selected wells will go darker:

If you change the Imaging Sites number of rows / cols, you need to click the refresh button.

Then when you click “Build MM List”, you should get a list you can work with in MDA:

Oh dear i bet this is the issue, I forgot to select the wells! Its been a while since i used the tool. If this doesn’t work i guess i’ll be back in touch but i reckon you’re right.

Thanks a lot!