Having trouble opening a .zvi file into Image J or Fiji! Please kindly help trouble shoot

Having trouble opening a .zvi file into Image J or Fiji. I downloaded the bioformats plugin but still have issues. Can anyone please walk me through the process step by step to open my files? I have two sets of .zvi file, one is the isotype.zvi and another is geneofinterest.zvi

Hi, can you provide some further details about what you are seeing. Are you using the Bio-Formats Importer to open the image? Are you seeing any exceptions or errors?

Hi David,

Thank you so much for helping

. Yes. I used the bioformats importer to import my file. I did get an exception message and I am happy to share that with you to further trouble shoot the issue.
Please see below. Let me know if you have further leads on what I could try!
Any help is well appreciated.


Hi Supreeti, do the dimensions 158232 x 27999 look correct for the image?
It looks like the issue will be that the size of the image plane is too large to open at once, selecting ‘Crop on Import’ and importing a smaller region of the plane may let you open the image as long as the size of an image plane will be less than 2GB.