Having a trouble to open 41 MB Tiff file compressed with jpeg in ImageJ and Bio-format

Hello there,
I have an image in tiff format which is compressed with jpeg and its size is around 41 MB. I am trying to open it with ImageJ 1.53c and bio-format plugin but it just loads the metadata, not the image. I have a 16GB memory. I can see that ImageJ is consuming 11.1 Gb of memory but still it can’t load the image.
Although I didn’t get any error until waiting for 10 minutes, still it can’t load it.

I can open this image with other tools like GNU Image manipulation Program and window image viewer but I can’t visualize it with ImageJ.

Did I do some mistake while saving it in tiff file with jpeg compression?
code (python):
a.save(Outpath, “TIFF”, compression=“jpeg”)

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Here’s the image file: https://uapt33090-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/ygupta_ua_pt/EZ2c2Nosth1IgE--O37cXWIBBx9JZsgPm0W_iW6L4EBtIQ?e=nK4UyD

Hi @dmc-8288, it says the link to the image has expired, would you be able to reupload it or send it to https://www.openmicroscopy.org/qa2/qa/upload/

The issue is almost certainly happening at the decompression stage, we have seen similar issue if its a very large single plane that has been compressed without tiles.