Hardware requirements

Hi there!
A user in my facility is planning to buy a new Workstation for his lab. He is going to analyze stacks of images sized 8GB. He is planning to buy a HP Z2 G4 SFF Workstation with the following characteristics:

  • Intel core i5-7500
  • 8GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD+2TB 7200 rpm
  • NVIDIA K420
    What do you think?
    Will this computer do the trick?
    Thanks in advance!
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8 GB RAM is not enough for many tasks nowadays, especially if this is going to run under Windows so you should try to go for 32 GB. The NVIDIA K420 should be fine unless you also want to run deep learning applications in which case, you may want a GPU with more memory (K420 has only 1 GB). Also if you’re going to process large data sets with lots of i/o then go for larger SSDs or disks with higher rpm.
If you need to prioritize because of cost, go for the RAM first.

EDIT: To get a more precise idea, look at the recommendations for the software that’s going to run on this machine, e.g. recommendations for Imaris, Arivis, qupath


It makes all the sense of the world!!!
Thanks a lot.