Hardware configuration


I hope all is well.

i am trying to set up micro-manager 2.0 with my microscope. I have the 1.4 version already installed and functioning. Although the same hardware is in use, the version 2.0 does not seem to recognize any of the hardware.

I have pasted one of the errors I am getting to this email.

Thank you!


Hi Nabil,

Based on the error message it looks like you don’t have a compatible version of Hamamatsu’s DCAM API installed on your computer. Please make sure a recent version is installed and then try again.


To add to Nick’s comment, Hamamatsu changed the device adapter code a week or two ago. This changed code will only work with a recent DCAM-API. So, the older version of 1.4 that you have works with the DCAM-API that you have installed, but the newer 2.0 does not. A recent 1.4 will have the exact same problem.

Thank you for your reply!
I have installed the DCAM-API and it still does not work. Additionally, the hamatsu is not the only device not detected by the Micro-manager.