H5 File Is not Writing When Evaluating Network or Analyzing Videos - No Error

I started a new Multi Animal DLC project recently, beginning the project on a local Windows 10 machine up to the labeling step. I then copied everything to Google Drive to continue the project with the Colab notebook. I was able to successfully create the training dataset and train a network.

My issue is arising when I try to evaluate the network or analyze new videos.Both of these functions execute properly without error. For the evaluate_network function, the output is 2 .pickle files and a folder with the labeled images. For the analyze_videos function, the output is 2 .pickle files.

Essentially, there is no h5 file being written. But if I attempt to re-run either function, I get a message saying the network has already been evaluated or that the video has already been analyzed, and that the h5 file is already there. here is the message for the evaluate_network function:

“Model already evaluated. /content/drive/My Drive/DeepLabCut/HomeCage_Social-Marc-2020-09-03/evaluation-results/iteration-0/HomeCage_SocialSep3-trainset95shuffle1/DLC_resnet50_HomeCage_SocialSep3shuffle1_95000-snapshot-95000.h5”

And a screenshot of what is actually output from the function:

Any suggestions of how to fix this are much appreciated!

Please check out the user guide, as no h5 is produced now for maDLC, you need to now track. https://github.com/DeepLabCut/DeepLabCut/blob/326e6f7e48b70bee9360ba84a8ffc1772f50cbe3/docs/maDLC_AdvUserGuide.md