H264 - Encoding Using CAVLC

Hi, I have a small video compression.
In H264 each Slice is built from MBs:
When the encoding is CABAC the entire slice is encoded using this encoding system.
But when the encoded method is CAVLC only the coefficients are encoded by this method and the rest by Exp Golomb.

I’ll expand, Each MB as the following building blocks:
So Unlike encoding by CABAC, Encoding using CAVLC can help distinguish between macroblocks, the big question is how? let me make things clear, if the residual -> coefficients are encoded using CAVLC and the rest is encoded using exp-golomb. that means (I think) that there must be some separation between thos parts, correct me if I’m wrong, and please help me understand how to seperate those MBs.

And another deeper question is, can I somehow do fast parsing and separate the residual (cavlc encoded) and the rest left side (exp-golomb encoded)??

Thanks a lot !!