H&E error in opening project

Dear all,

I’m tying to analyse some H&E images using my QuPath (images and project saved on my drive), otherwise anytime I try to open the project in other computer, it gives me this error and, after I accept to apply the changes, I’m able to open the images but I cannot save any modifications.

Someone knows how to fix this?

I’d like to be able to open and evaluate the images in other computers, instead the one I’m using currently.


I suspect it is a Mac to PC file system issue. Certain USB formatting options are primarily geared towards PC and others for Mac.

That or it is a security/IT issue, either with policies or antivirus software, but my first guess would be the format of the drive.

Maybe @petebankhead will know more since it is a Mac.

To test this, you could try creating a Word document on the original computer, save it in the same location, then try editing that Word document on the Mac.


Seconding what @Research_Associate says, the message looks like QuPath just doesn’t have permission to write to your external disk. That might be because of how it is formatted.

If you copy your project folder to your Mac, you should be able to make changes. You don’t have to copy all the original images (.bif files) because QuPath doesn’t ever try to write to them – it only writes to the project folder, and stores a path to the images.


Thank you so much, @Research_Associate and @petebankhead!
It worked copying the project to my computer!