Guide to make a plugin as official fiji plugin

Dear admins

I want that some of you point a guidance on how to proceed to include a plugin as official fiji plugin. I think it must have tests, be public, open source, but what else? is there some specific headings in the files, what license shall we use, what tests to make, and so on.
Also I have a suggestion: if you look current fiji plugins menu it is really crowded, so i think grouping by functionality is mandatory, as submenus for instance.


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Hello @BishopWolf,

The general guidelines for Fiji development are available in the wiki. While I think most of the community agrees that it’d be great to have plugin grouping/categorization it’s a rather tremendous task to come up with adequate and fitting categories, and to get all the contributors to adhere to it. Also the grouping wouldn’t be completely without its downsides: some users wouldn’t be able to find their favourite plugins in their familiar places… Meanwhile I hope the Command Finder in Fiji can help you locate plugins. You can access it by pressing the L key.

Best Regards,
Richard Domander

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Ok, I have added the webhook on ImageJ´s Jenkins server but it seems that it doesnt work, I have searched the projects there and mine doesnt appear, I have used as Payload URL, is this ok? shall I need a user account in the server?


@rimadoma :
While I agree with your view on plugin grouping, it would help if there was an easy way the end user could change and group menu entries (at least in the Plugins submenu) as he/she sees fit. AFAIK it is not possible currently: each plugin specifies its menu entries, and changing them requires patching each jar, which breaks the update mechanism. It would help to have some easier and more robust way to override the menu entries so that the end user can reorganize the GUI according to local requirements.

@BishopWolf :
You are aware that you can uninstall plugins you don’t use, to clean up your Plugins menu ? There was even a way to turn your local customized Fiji into a redistributable package, that can then be installed on other machines in your lab for example (I don’t remember the corresponding menu entry though, possibly this was removed).


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Hi @BishopWolf

have you considered offering your plugin via a normal Fiji update site.
That makes it available to everybody who finds it helpful but nobody is forced to have it in the standard package (which finally also keeps the size of the minimal working version smaller).

Just in case that is not known already (and might not exactly address your question :blush: )…

In the old plugin structure you can easily (as developer not afterwards as a user) add a plugin.config file to specify the menu entry at least for the plugins folder (haven’t tried another one but might also work).

When coding by using the parameterized structure of IJ2 plugins you can also create your own leading menu and design it as you wish.

This is under the menu >Plugins >Utilities >Make Fiji Package

have a nice sunday :slight_smile:


Well, I doesnt know this, and it was really helpful. I will try to make my own fiji update site, wish me luck!

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I agree that we want to provide such a feature… someday. I checked to see whether an issue was already filed, but couldn’t find one. So feel free to do so if you want. But I won’t forget. It will probably just be a long time before we have time to tackle it.

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… if/once you have installed plugins/Fiji_Package_Maker.jar through the updater, which was somehow not the case on my box. And mind that there are two >Plugins >Utilities submenus, one near the top and one in the list of discovered plugins: the >Make Fiji Package command is in the latter. Thanks for the hint.

It’ll not be high on my priority list (personally grown used to the current menus, actually happy they look similar on all computers I use), and I’ve not done much thinking about how such a feature should look like (something like the keyboard shortcut configuration utility to edit/alias menu entries ?), so if somebody is more inspired please go ahead. I’ll try to remember to file a feature request.