GTK Error when resizing CP2.2.0 GUI on Linux

When I resize the CellProfiler GUI for CP2.2.0 on Ubuntu Linux 16.04, I sometimes (relatively often) get errors like the following pop up:
Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/emmenlau/BioDataAnalysis/Projects/TargetInfectX/CellProfiler/GIT-CellProfiler2/cellprofiler/gui/", line 4011, in GetAttr row, self.v.column_names[col]) File "/home/emmenlau/BioDataAnalysis/Projects/TargetInfectX/CellProfiler/GIT-CellProfiler2/cellprofiler/", line 3386, in get_cell_attributes key = (row_index, self.column_names.index(column_name)) PyAssertionError: C++ assertion "Assert failure" failed at ../src/gtk/window.cpp(4096) in GTKSendPaintEvents(): unsupported background style
My CellProfiler is compiled mostly with the standard Ubuntu system packages with the instructions from the wiki.