Group update site request

Hello all,

I just finished writing a plugin for sharing, and this page told me I should ask here for a group update site on
The site name we want is AxoNet and the only wiki user who needs access is me, Mritch3.

Please let me know if I need to do anything else and thank you for your help!


Just checking up on this- is this still the correct forum to ask for this support?

I invited @ctrueden to this thread… he’s on holiday at the moment, but will get back to you soon.

OK! Thank you so much.

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Just *ping me or him directly if you don’t get a response by next week…

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It’s all set now. I now also have permissions to create update sites… so the list of individuals who can be contacted for this includes:



Thank you again for your help!
I just tried to upload to the new update site and Fiji logged these two errors:

[ERROR] Failed to retrieve OPTIONS for WebDAV actions
[ERROR] User Mritch3 lacks upload permissions for

I tried to upload to the site by adding myself to the webdav box in the update site manager. Is this the correct way to upload to the group site?


First - make sure you set an upload password here:

This is separate from your own wiki login password.

Next question - can other people on your network upload successfully? We’ve seen this first error coming from Janelia for example…

Perhaps @frauzufall has some insight - if this is an https issue?

It’s working now, I think that I had just used https instead of http! Thanks a bunch.


Yes, that’s a known issue, I will upload the fix during the next days I hope.