Group a number of macros

Hey everybody!

Is it possible to group a list of macros under a common group name, like “My Macros” in the macros menu tab? While I think this must be definitely be possible when programming a plugin (Java) I’m not sure for macros how to do this. Any hint would be highly appreciated.

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A late reply:
On your computer in the “ImageJ” file, go to:

  • macro
    -then create a file " my macro".
    I hope it helps.

Hi @stephanmg

One thing you can do is store your custom macros under

plugins > Scripts > My Macros

And then they will appear like this on Mac (On PC it will appear in the Fiji Menu:

The condition s for this to work:

Your macro should have at least one underscore _ like Rename_Image.ijm´ or Invert_.ijm`
Then when you restart Fiji, they will all appear in the given folder you created.

I do not know if shortcuts you assign to your macros are available as well, perhaps someone else can comment.

Most of what I said can be found here