Ground truth for multi-channel colocalization

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I am working on multi-channel colocalization. I want to evaluate my algorithm but I couldn’t find any ground truth data set to evaluate my algorithm performance.

I would be appreciated if anyone knows the data set or give some ideas how to do it.



I am not aware of a plugin for this specific purpose in ImageJ, But you should be able to generate images with spots (pick random pixels set them to 1, dilate them, use convolution to break the borders). To create the second image, you can simply shift the first one.
This is a rough Idea on how I would go about this.

Some time ago I came across SimuCell. This is quite a sophisticated Matlab program to generate cell images.

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There is the Colocalization Benchmark Source you can take a look at… There are simulated images you can use as benchmarks for colocalization measures.

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