Groovy Resources for Qupath Script Development

I’m getting to the point where I’d like to develop my Groovy skillset to better take advantage of Qupath.

I would describe my current programming skillset as a intermediate in python.

Few questions:

  1. What IDEs and packages do you use for Groovy scripting?

  2. Do you have any resources you’d recommend for learning Groovy scripting?

  3. From my preliminary research it seems Groovy is a descendant of Java. Would you recommend that I learn Java then Groovy?

  4. Any tips/tricks/resources you’d recommend for someone transitioning from Python to Groovy programming?

Thanks for your time.

Afraid I’m pretty basic when it comes to scripting, and mostly pull together examples of existing code. I have a collection here from the forums, roughly sorted by category.
Pete has a similar collection here:
And some posts on scripting in his blog:

I’ve been able to handle most of the things I want to do with simple loops and a couple of functions. I think there is at least one script in there that watches a folder using a Python script, and then uses a command line call to QuPath/script to process any image placed into that folder. There are probably much better ways of doing this, but I’m not too experienced with Python either.

Note that there is a lot changing in the background right now in QuPath, so you might find scripting in the 0.2.0m# versions a little bit… interesting on account of changes between versions.

And actually, since I don’t know how much you have read, I’ll point out that these could be useful as a starting point (or possibly for others who find this thread), though they also might be too simple if you are used to QuPath.
Objects in QuPath
Workflows to scripts

Examples of building scripts:

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Thanks RA! Nice to have all these resources in one location. I’ll look through them to improve my skillset.

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