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I’m using the Grid/Collection Stitching Plugin and am running it as Positions from file, Defined by TileConfiguration. Starts running just fine and then throws error looking for a file after the last file in the folder. Seems like I did something wrong with my TileConfiguration.txt.

I followed the template provided on

# Define the number of dimensions we are working on
dim = 3
# Define the image coordinates (in pixels)
img_73.tif; ; (0.0, 0.0, 0.0)
img_74.tif; ; (409.0, 0.0, 0.0)
img_75.tif; ; (0.0, 409.0, 0.0)
img_76.tif; ; (409.0, 409.0, 0.0)
img_77.tif; ; (0.0, 818.0, 0.0)
img_78.tif; ; (409.0, 818.0, 0.0)

To review, if img_78.tif is the last, I’m getting an error of can’t find img_79.tif
Any suggestions?


Hi @Snowotarski,

From what you described, my first thought is that maybe you have
an empty line at the end of your text file.



Hi, could you please post the actual error and the log, this would help I think. Thanks a lot, Stephan


… and your complete tileconfiguration file as well as a screenshot how you run the plugin, thanks!


Hi Stephan,

Thank you so much for your response.

The initial problem was solved by John above. But now I am getting a Java “ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException :2” once the log in displays “Fuse & Display”. Any idea on that?

You can see screenshots of my set up running the plugin. The forum doesn’t want me to upload.txt files so I also made screenshots of the last view of the log as well as the relevant portion of the exception.






exception here


You got it, thanks!

I’m now running into a java ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException :2
I’ve asked Stephan Preibisch about it below.

Any ideas on that?

Thanks again!


Are your tiles 2d or 3d?


tiles are 2d. this question makes me think that I’m setting my z position wrong in the (x,y,z) part of the file maybe?



Yea, @StephanPreibisch will know for sure, but
I’d try changing to dim =2
and omitting the z-coordinate in your tile configuration file.

Good luck,