Grid overlay plugin

Hi all,

once upon the time, there was a plugin to overlay a non-destructive grid over an image

but that plugin does not seem to be available in my Fiji. Did it just fall through the grid or is there a better integrated way of doing this right now?

Thanks in advance for any comment.

It seems it was removed in 2012. Unfortunately, the commit message does not provide a detailed rationale. Feel free to file a PR against an appropriate Fiji component to readd it, if you like—perhaps Fiji_Plugins would be simplest.

By the way, I found out this information by doing git log -p in my Fiji repository working copy, then searching for class Grid_ using the / command.

Thanks @ctrueden, so there is no better way to add grid lines as an overlay? I had hopes that this had become a standard feature of ImageJ adn thus the plugin was obsolete…

I’m sorry, I don’t know. There is nothing ready specifically on the ImageJ2 side to facilitate it. Maybe @Wayne has a suggestion for the best way to do it in ImageJ1.

There is an updated version of the Grid plugin at

The Grid plugin is built into the latest ImageJ daily build (1.50f4) as the Analyze>Tools>Grid command.