Grid/Collection removing images due to lack of correlation



Hi all,

I´m stitching large stacks of tiled planes using Grid/Collection plugin. To avoid the “double vision” effect of not ideal correlations, I stitch the planes from a coordinates file and in addition calculate the overlap with a stringent regression threshold of 0.85 (the next two parameters are 2.5 and 3.5 - change this doesn´t affect much one way or another). This works well for most planes but at the extremes of the Z planes, I get alot of removed images due to the lack of signal and poor correlation. If I drop the regression threshold, it does not remove images but I get the double vision effect.
I´m trying to get this to run trough a script since there would be alot of data going trough it.

My question is: is there a way to tell Grid/Collection to keep the image in the original coordinates of the file if it can´t calculate an overlap that fits to the threshold parameters? I would prefer this solution to changing the threshold across planes to avoid any double vision effects.

Hope this is clear and thanks for any advice.
Helio Roque


No, the Grid/Collection Stitching plugin doesn’t provide this option, as far as I can tell.

This issue was addressed in the improved rewrite of the plugin, a project called BigStitcher:

It works a bit different than the old stitching plugin, but is a lot more powerful. Have a look at the documentation in the wiki page linked above.


Thanks! Looks really good and I will definitely try to use it!
It seems I can´t keep up with the development speed of all the plugins! :slight_smile: