Gray or color images?

So an issue that comes around from time to time is as follows:

Some modules detect my images as grayscale and others as color images.

The reality is that they are grayscale 8-bit obtained with a confocal on which gray has been subdued with a diferent color.
As I capture several channels. The confocal gives a color to each channel, but they remain grayscale respect to bits.
Some modules tell me that the images ain’t gray scale but then the colortogray module sometimes tells me that the images are already grayscale. I think somehow it usually depends on the loadimages module.

The funny thing is that operations seem to be performed appropiately but error messages come up so that one has to keep clicking “continue processing” ad infinitum which isn’t very practical for more than a few images.


To make sure I understand correctly: Are you saying that the image is colored by the scope (so it looks red, green or blue) but in actuality, the image is grayscale (effectively a single channel of data)?