Granularity measurement export order

Hello! Let me briefly state how grateful I am for this software to be available.

My question pertains to the sequence in which measurements from the MeasureGranularity module are exported. The spectrum range I am currently working with is around 50-75, and when the data is exported as a spreadsheet, the columns are not placed in the “correct” spectrum range order, i.e. 10 through 19, then 1, 20 through 29, then 2, etc. I would prefer they be placed in strictly ascending order. Is there any way to achieve this (thus alleviating the need to copy+paste columns)?

Thank you!


Hi Fabba,

At present, there is not a way to change this order. And since the numbers are in the middle of other non-numeric characters, the sort order is not easily fixed post hoc in the CSV. I will request a feature addition to CellProfiler so that this sorting might happen in some future version.

In the meantime, you might be able to use Excel’s (are you using Excel?) TEXT function to pad the numbers with one or two zeros (e.g. 001, 002, …, 011, etc.), and (e.g. … -in-excel/
but I have not tried this.


Good advice, thanks again!