Gphoto device is not in the list

I am installing micromanaged on ubuntu 18.04 computer and having problems with getting gphoto device to work in micromanager. It is just not in list. Gphoto works fine from command line… development libraries installed.
Any hints where to look for troubles?

Was the device adapter build? Look for or similar. If it is not there, try to find out why it was not build. This is decided at configure time, and your configure output should say something about this. If the device adapter was build and installed, some runtime requirement was not fulfilled. Look at the output of the Corelog when you start MM, and after you start the Hardware Configuration Wizard. B.t.w. the GPhoto adapter code has not been maintained for more than 5 years, so it would not be too surprising if it no longer works on modern systems. Patches will be appreciated!

Thanks .
I will have a look on it once I have some more time.

At the end I managed to compile it. Come dependencies were missing.
Now I have it. But I still cannot use it with 40D Cannon.
On the beginning of initialization it clicks with window, and I can see camera in property browser. But I cannot set Iso or shutter speed. Even if the camera is an manual mode.
I will try it with Nikon D5100 later to see if the trouble is camra specific.