Gosub, repeat and change

I know that I may be asking the moon, but hey, I feel like asking today.

Something that in my opinion would take cellprofiler to an other level would be the capability of adding some kind oc cycling capability. For example, in identifyprimary, thick a checkbox at the end of the module which would say something like “Repeat and change”. This would bring up some options to the identifyprimary where instead of choosing values you can choose increments or decrements of x value between y and z values. Also adding the possibility to choose more than one declumping or thresholding method to perform sequentially would be great.

Thanks a lot!

Hi there,
Let me clarify - If you entered a range for a given setting (let’s say, you entered a range of three different values because you are trying to decide among them), would you want CellProfiler to then carry out the rest of the pipeline three times, once with each of the three settings? Or is this more of a test mode suggestion, where you just wanting the module itself to run three times, once with each of the three settings, and then stop and wait for the user to decide what to do before carrying on?

Sorry for the late reply!
I attach a pipeline that is pretty much self explanative.
Basically I’ve found that to identify my objects I need to run the identify with different thresholds and then sumeup the resulting objects.
Finall.cp (84.6 KB)