Good value for omero.pixeldata.threads

Hi there,

is it save to increase the value for “omero.pixeldata.threads” from “2” to “10” to reduce the time the users have to wait for the thumbnails of there images they just uploaded?

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Hi @And,

while testing this, I pinpointed an issue that suggests a value much higher than 4 won’t increase your parallelism:

We’ll look into getting this fixed in the next release. After that, the only limitation should really be on the resources of the system. A follow-up from our side would the available resources into account, but that is always easier said than done.



note that the issue has been moved to since it’s not a problem with the query. If you’d like to test the workaround, set both:

  • omero.pixeldata.threads=10
  • omero.threads.min_threads=10

(or whatever value you would like to test).

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