Good practice icy - publication java plugin

Hello everyone,

I would like to publish a plugin written in java for detection of cytokinesis defects in Icy.
To this end I would like to apply the best practice for this type of plugin.
Any recommandation? Reading? Example?
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Dear Mikael,

Are you looking for recommendations on best practices regarding Java programming, such as comments, tests, dependency management…? Or are you looking for recommendations on how to share the Icy plugin?

Regarding the second topic, we encourage plugin developers to share their plugins on the Icy website.
To do so, you need to

  1. :key: Create an account
  2. :scroll:Open a new form (see images below)
  3. :man_technologist: Document your plugin & upload it (upload the .jar file)
  4. :tada: Celebrate!

The documentation is crucial to bring visibility to your plugin.
My recommendations:

  • Put keywords describing your plugin in the short description and use the categories. This will help users find your plugin when searching via the search bar or on Google.
  • Give explanations for each plugin parameter in the description and add screenshots of the plugin interface and the different workflow steps if there is several. Although videos are time consuming, they are an excellent way to make a demo of the plugin.
  • Provide one or several images to test your plugin and the corresponding input parameters.

If you plan to publish your plugin within a scientific paper, please add the reference to this paper in the plugin description. If not, you can upload your plugin on Zenodo and share the DOI in the plugin description as reference to cite when reusing your plugin.
Same goes for test images: I would recommend either to upload them on a public bioimage archive or to upload them on Zenodo.

Below are some screenshot of the plugin description form on the Icy website with short explanations:

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Dear Mikael,

To complete these explanations, I wrote a blog article on how to publish an Icy plugin. I hope this helps!

Best regards,

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