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I am trying to use the GLCM Texture Tool ( to analyse the degree of organisation in a region of interest. However, as my region of interest has an irregular (non-rectangular) shape, I would need to use an updated version mentioned in the above plugin description.

Could someone advise how to get a version of GLCM Texture Tool working with irregular shapes?

Thank you!


Hi @mariesarazova,

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As far as I know, there isn’t an update to that plugin with the feature you want.
I’d recommend working with the biggest rectangular ROI that fits inside your irregular ROI.
If the rectangle big enough, then the statistics of the smaller area will be close to those of your bigger irregular area.

I see that imagej-ops also has an implementation of texture features similar to what you pointed to. I’m not so familiar with it, but I’d expect it can do what you want.




to come back shortly to the topic, Toby Cornish, who worked on an updated Texture Analyzer, pointed our attention to github ( for a newer version v0.008. However, he does not guarantee correctness or functionality of the plugin, as it has long not been worked on.

In my experience, I have had problems making that version run on my ImageJ 1.51u, Java 1.8.0_66 (64bit). However, with the ImageJ 1.51j8, Java 1.8.0_112(64-bit) it works (as in - runs without crashing…).

Also, there is a reference to v0.009, an “in house-modification” of v0.008 in Sivchenko et al., 2006 -

Hope this helps!



If you are looking for textural analysis, I’m also working on a ImageJ front end for pyRadiomics software see : pyRadiomics GUI in ImageJ

It will require to install a third party app in python but then you will be able to operate radiomics calculations (including GLCM 2D and 3D) with 200+ radiomics feature with a strong scintific validation (see