GFP intensity analyze

Dear friends

I am new user for cellprofiler 2. I can not create a pipeline for analyze GFP expression in LMH cell ( I work in Induce GFP expression) I need your help, if possible, pleas send for me one pipeline for GFP expression intensity analyze.
I use example pipelines from Examples page of cellprofiler
"Cell/particle counting, and scoring the percentage of stained objects" But can not take any good answer and data


Hi Abbas,

Thanks for giving CellProfiler a try. The example pipelines are intended as a starting point for your assay, and most likely, would not be expected to work on another set of images without some adjustment of the parameters.

I’m guessing that the difficulties arise in the IdenitfyPrimaryObjects module? If that’s the case, I suggest taking a look at either the module help (accessible by clicking the ‘?’ button under the pipeline panel) or the ‘?’ buttons next to each setting to see what each setting does.