getValue("RawIntDen") invalid key?

Too silly to ask, but why is the complaint invalid key in line 4 the result of getValue the following macro (ImageJ1 1.52n)?

run("CT (420K, 16-bit DICOM)");
run("Set Measurements...", "integrated redirect=None decimal=5");
if(rid > 65536){print("value > 65536 found ");debug;}

FYI: if I add a row number like
the complaint is ')' expected in line 4

Why would you add the number?

Here the documentation:

Returns the measurement values where measurement is "Area","Mean","Skew",etc.


As you can see when you execute my example macro, a column heading RawIntDen is present after line three. Therefore, if I enter, with the syntax as described in the getValue link (I cheated and chaged the link to the proper one in my original question), I literally enter the 26th option that this function should take and in the variable rid expect to get the result -117576359 as shown under RawIntDen in the Results table, that shows

 	IntDen	RawIntDen
1	-38277380.55622	-117576359

I don’t want to add the number, I just show that I’m aware of the List.getValue(heading,row) syntax that also exists, but is not the solution to this similar function.

If I execute your macro I get the value -117576359 which is the value for RawIntegratedDensity.
So what do you want to archive?

Do you wan’t to have a similar function to List.getValue(heading,row)?

What version of OS and ImageJ are you on?
If (restarted mac os 10.10.5) I launch ImageJ 1.52n (JRE 1.8) freshly, do Plugins > New > Macro, copy the code above, paste it in the new Macro window, then do Debug > Debug Macro, then perform cmd-E repeatedly, after the third code line I get this on my screen:

I tested it on Windows 10 and ImageJ 1.52p and 1.52q. Works without any problem on Java 1.8.77 and OpenJDK 12. I will test it later on Mac, too.

I was just informed (off-Forum) by H.Glünder that this function is available since 1.52p.

So you have to update your ImageJ application before you can use this macro function.

From the ImageJ macro docs:

getValue(“Mean, Median, Feret, etc.”)
Returns a measurement result, where the argument is “Area”, “Mean”, “StdDev”, “Mode”, “Min”, “Max”, “X”, “Y”, “XM”, “YM”, “Perim.”, “BX”, “BY”, “Width”, “Height”, “Major”, “Minor”, “Angle”, “Circ.”, “Feret”, “IntDen”, “Median”, “Skew”, “Kurt”, “%Area”, “RawIntDen”, “Ch”, “Slice”, “Frame”, “FeretX”, “FeretY”, “FeretAngle”, “MinFeret”, “AR”, “Round”, “Solidity”, “MinThr” or “MaxThr”. Add " raw" to the argument to disable calibration, for example getValue(“Mean raw”). Add " limit" to the argument to enable the “limit to threshold” option. Requires 1.52p.

You are right: it was in my face. Guess it was because getValue() is a long time there I completely overlooked this spec.