Getting import Error with the Interactive Watershed

Hello FIJI community:
I’m using Interactive Watershed plug-in in Windows 10. I got initialization error when I selected the image and initialize by SCF > Labeling > Interactive H_Watershed. Fiji showed module missing:

The module "de.mpicbg.scf.InteractiveWatershed.Interactive_HWatershed" failed to initialize
Plugin or class not found:"command:de.mpicbg.scf.InteractiveWatershed.Interactive_HWatershed"

Could somebody kindly give me some suggestions to solve this.
PS: I installed this plug-in in Help–>update.

Hi Zeliang,

Thanks for reporting that. I noticed that too and the issue is in my todo list. Despite this message poping up the functionning of the plugin is not affected. I will get back to you as soon as I could clarify why this message started poping up.


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