Getting histogram data

Hi All,

I am a new Image J user and am quite frustrated searching for a (probably very simple) solution to this. I am analyzing many images which require me to obtain the mean, SD, min and max gray and RBG values for each one. How can I export or copy these values from Image J to excel so I do not have to manually enter each number?

Thanks so much

Hi Christine,

You should have a look under Analyze > Set Measurements there you should choose the measurements as per the screenshot.

Regarding the RGB values, the simplest is for you to turn your RGB image into an RGB stack using Image > Type > RGB Stack

Then move to each slice of your stack and hit M, this will open up a results table with the information you want.

Run that for each image, or put it into a macro. If you’re interested in the later, we can help you get started.

Finally when you have all your images, you can then export the Results table to text and import it into Excel.



You can also use the plugin RGB Measure (

This plugin measure the RGB values of a RGB image. This plugin will save you a lot of time in comparison to the previous stated protocol.

You can copy paste the results in the result window, or you can use the saveAs function of the result table. You can save the results as an excel file.

Thank you! I will try this.

Thank you so so much for your detailed help. I really appreciate it!

In addition, what does the “Limit to Threshold” tick mark mean in Set Measurements?

It is not relevant in your case. However it makes it so that your measurements are not of the entire image but of only the pixels above or below a certain value, ser using **image > Adjust >Threshold… **
It has no effet if no threshold is set.