Getting full list of neighbors from MeasureObjectNeighbors?


Is there any way to get the full list of ObjectNumbers for the identified neighbors? Currently the MeasureObjectNeighbors module returns FirstClosestObjectNumber and SecondClosestObjectNumber only. In the source code, the full list is generated so I was wondering about the easiest way to tweak that function to output everything.


Hi Sabrina,
Is there information you need in addition to that which gets exported in the “Object relationship” CSV? If so, can you elaborate more? Thanks!

I am using CP 3.1.8
I am using the module MeasureObjectNeighbors to identify the neighbors of Cell in the images. I chose Yes for Export all measurement types? in ExportToSpreadsheet. However, the file doesn’t get created.
However, if I choose the option No and then select it manually then the file Object Relationships gets created.

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