Getting Error Message when attempting to run DEMO

I’m trying to run the openfield demo in terminal using deeplabcut, but when I attempt to call the openfield-Pranav file it says that the config file is not found. I’ll attach a screenshot. The demo run fine within a juypter notebook, but is unable to run within terminal. Not sure what I need to do to resolve this issue.

could you set the full path to the config.yaml file, just in case it’s not in the current working directory (i.e. the os.getcwd() part)

Okay that fixed the issue within the terminal. Now python is crashing after about 400 iterations. I watched the memory usage during training and it was at about 96% (8 GB) before the crash. I’ve tried running it in both the notebook and terminal multiple times. Is it likely that the limited memory is the issue?

Then it likely is out of memory (what is the error say when it crashes?) How big (pixel by pixel) are your images?

It never prints an error message to the terminal, it just pops up with python has stopped responding. I’m not sure how big the images are, I’m just using the stock images supplied with the demo file.

that seems strange then, can you check nvidia-smi and share the screenshot? (Your GPU should only be running 1 python session)

I should’ve clarified in my first post. I am running this on CPU only.

then you might be hitting a memory error… how much RAM do you have?

you might consider just putting your project on google drive and using the GPUs from Google…

Currently using Google Colab to train the network, thanks for the advice. Hopefully if we see good results using Colab, I can convince my PI to invest in a proper machine for DLC. Thanks for the help!

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