Getting an error when setting up ImageJ in IntelliJ IDEA

I was following this tutorial to start developing pluign in ImageJ: but then when running it the first time I got the following error:

Another question: I put a .java file into the folder /scr/main/application/plugins but when running it, it doesn’t show up in the pluigns menu, I already executed the plugin in eclipse so be sure that the plugin-code is working.

Hey @atmax7,

would you mind sharing the code of your project? Especially the content of the pom.xml file and the Java files will be interesting for us in order to help you. is for example a good way to share Java projects. You can also have a look at an example imagej plugin (note: there are different branches):

There are also some slides explaining how this plugin can be used and extended. You find them here:


I uploaded it to github here:
this path also leads to my test-script, wich isn’t executeable. The PluginFilter cannot be found. The pom file can be found here:

As I said it’s just the ImageJ repo checked out. I haven really added anything yet.

Hey @atmax7,

so you’re trying to build ImageJ itself which is a bit more complicated - and not necessary.

I put your example code in the repository linked above; in a new branch named “invert_ij1_plugin’”.

Maybe that’s a better starting point?

Try to clone this repository (and the right branch) and try to open the pom.xml as project in your IntelliJ. You should then be able to run the main method in that class.


Let us know if this works.


No it doesn’t find the GaussianBlur class let alone my class.

Is there just a repo that I can just clone and start coding my plugin?

The code I pointed you to doesn’t use GaussFiltering - which code are you trying to execute?