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Please I have a problem to calculate accurate area for two phases.
First I have done a segmentation using Trainable Weka Segmentation and I got probability map for each see the following image probability image

I have make threshold for each phase and then create mask for each phase as well
as below
grain-threshold (grain threshold)
grain (grain mask)

threshold (liquid threshold)
mask (liquid mask)

the problem is when I try to calculate the area I got the same results for each type
and it should be different.
I think I can use analyze particles because these image are not related to particles.

Please could you advice me how can I get an accurate area calculation for each type?


Macro Language Help


Please activate “limit to threshold” in Analyze > Set Measurements.

That should fix the issue.



Hi oburri,

Thanks for your promote reply.
I have activated “limit to threshold” as you suggested but I got the same results i.e the same area for the different phases which Im sure it should be quite different according to the visualize images form the microscope.

I would be much appreciated if you have any further suggestion that could help to tackle this issue. Im a new user with imageJ and I dont have much experience with such software.

Best regards


Downloading your image, measuring with only Area and ‘min &max grey value’ set, then in ‘Set Measurements’ having checked Area and Limit to threshold, then having checked in Image>Adjust>Threshold… Default Red ‘Dark background’ Auto, and measuring again, in the Results window I get these results:

2	185690	0	255 
3	92846	129	255

So what are you doing prior to performing your measurement?


Hi eljonco,

Thanks for your promote reply.
I activated limit to threshold in setting but I think I have to do this before making threshold, since when I checked-in after that I got nearly the same results to what you have already got 92228.

Many thanks for your help, really much appreciated.



Actually, you need to have the ‘limit to threshold’ setting ticked before you do the Measure… command.