getDirectory not displaying title in OSX 10.11 - Solved

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I was wondering if it was a particular issue on my machine or if it was more general.

when using the

getDirectory("The title of your window it is");

The title of the window does not display. Is it happening to someone running other OSX version?

OS X 10.11 El Capitan removed the title bar from native directory choosers.

For more details, see:


Thank you very much. It does walk around the issue.
Just a curiosity, how did you find this link?

How could I find it as well?

In this case, I knew about that bug already and looked it up.

You will see a reference to bug 1192, which is marked as a duplicate of 1188.


Thanks a lot.
I bookmarked the link.

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Hi nstifani,

I have same problem as yours and came here. I thought I found the answer, but very unfortunately the link ( is dead now. Could you let me know how you solved the problem?

Many thanks!

Ah, I managed to find this. I think my problem has been solved.

Hello Yutaka

There is no true solution to the problem since it is because of OSX El Capitan that remove windows titles. The walk around is to use the Java File Chooser window.
To do so, you can activate the option in an ImageJ macro with this line:

setOption("JFileChooser", true);

Then you can prompt for a directory or a file with the following line:

dir = getDirectory("The title of the dialog window");

You can also reverse the the Java dialog with:

setOption("JFileChooser", false);

Hope it solves the issue


Sorry that the BugZilla is still down. That server went offline due to a possible compromise. Unfortunately, we will not have time to restore the BugZilla pages for a couple more weeks. But they will return eventually.

Thank you very much guys!

Thank you very much nstifani!
This response will keep helping everyone!