Get the name of the current image set


I’m developing a python module for CellProfiler, and i need to get the file name of the current image Set.
I want to create a file with the same file name and my own extension for each image set…
But i can’t find a method to get it.
Maybe I didn’t read well the CellProfiler 2.0 repo (sorry about that).

So my question is: can i get the file name of the current image set ? and if it’s possible how can i do it ?

thanks !



We have a section on our GitHub wiki detailing the structures used in CellProfiler, the image set being one of them. Check this out, and see if it clarifies things: … i-ImageSet

You might also consider joining the cellprofiler developer mailing list, to get a more narrow (and helpful) audience for your question.


I see that you posted to the mailing list, but the question you posed there seems different that this one. Here, it sounded like you were trying to write your own module in Python, but on the mailing list, it seemed like you wanted to simply construct a pipeline with existing modules that had the desired output.

In any case, what Lee recommended (using SaveImages) seems to be what you want. If so, let us know on the forum if you need further help.