Get ROIs from Voronoi Diagram


I am trying to get the ROIS from a Voronoi Diagram as drawn with this plugin:

The plugin returns the Voronoi diagram as lines on top of my image - but I am not sure how to turn them into ROIs.

Thanks and cheers,

Hey Kai,

The Delaunay Voronoi plugin has an option “make Delaunay ROI”:

Did you try this?

If you want to keep the overlay diagram that’s created in the interactive mode, you can also add it to the ROI manager using Image > Overlay > To ROI Manager.

Hi Jan,
Thanks for the fast reply!

This option returns the Delaunay ROI based on the Delaunay diagram, which is a bit different from the Voronoi diagram. It does unfortunately not work on the Voronoi diagram.

However I just found an alternate solution involving the plugin “voronoi” in Process>Binary.
First use the multipoint tool to select a few points on a duplicate of the image, then:

run("Create Mask");
setThreshold(0, 0);
run("Convert to Mask");
run("Analyze Particles...", "clear add in_situ");