Get Properties of Object Classifier


I tried out the new object classifier option in v0.2.0-m9.
Is there a way to get the properties of a previously saved classifier, e.g. the measurement and the threshold for a single measurement classifier?


Not yet officially through the user interface, although the classifiers are stored in the project folder and are just JSON - so can be opened in a text editor.

The following Groovy script should also (unofficially…) work:

def classifier = loadObjectClassifier('My classifier name')

println 'Measurement: \t'  + classifier.function.measurement
println 'Threshold: \t'    + classifier.function.threshold
println 'Below class: \t'  + classifier.function.pathClassBelow
println 'Equals class: \t' + classifier.function.pathClassEquals
println 'Above class: \t'  + classifier.function.pathClassAbove
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Yes, works! Thank you! Loading and editing an existing classifier within the “single measurement classifier” dialog could be a helpful feature. In general, the new version is really nice. I tried it for Vectra Polaris images - selecting a threshold works really smoothly with the mini viewers.