Get positions of orthogonal view in macro

Dear all,

is there something like an inverse function for:

Stack.setOrthoViews(x, y, z)

i.e. I want to set the crosspoint in an Orthogonal Views manually to x, y, z and retrieve the values for x, y, (z) in an ImageJ macro.

Two or three years ago the three images (XY, YZ and XZ) could be accessed individually and the values for x and y could be read from the image title. But the OrthoViews function somehow changed and I can no longer access the three images individually.


If found a solution in this post to the ImageJ mailing list:

  run("Bat Cochlea Volume (19K)"); 
  run("Orthogonal Views");
  for (i=1; i<=nImages(); i++) { 
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