Get Multi-Point Measurements Across All Slices

I am working with 4-band imagery (R, G, B, NIR). I am populating a set of multi-points and having them visible on all 4 slices (channels) of my image in ImageJ. When I run the measure tool on these points I only get the intensities of the slice in which I draw the original points.

I want to get the measurements from all 4 slices without having to re-draw the points in each slice.

I found a macro online that loops through each slice, changing the slice that is visible and re-running the “measure” process. However, this just prints the same measurements 4 times. How do I apply the original points drawn from 1 slice to all the other slices so that I can get all the unique measurements for those points across all the slices?

Have you tried to remove positions from rois from the “more menu” in the Roi Manager?
And then run the macro.


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