Get Different Grayscale When Loading Same Image


I have a dataset which contains several hundred 32-bit CT-images. I import the first image sequence from the 200th to 500th image and the second image sequence from the 500th to the 800th image. Then I found that the gray scale of the 500th image of the two image sequences are obviously different (The one in the image sequence of 500th to 800th are always brighter whether I load it first or after loading the 200th to 500th). Actually the images of each image sequence show the same brightness but are different from images of the other sequence. If I import image sequence of 200th to 800th, all the images show similar brightness. I wonder why could this happen and how I can solve it.

Thank you very much!


Don’t worry. With 32-bit images, the dynamic range for the display is adjusted automatically at loading, but you can re-adjust it manually later on (Image>Adjust>Brightness/Contrast>Set). If you set the same range for both stacks, then the images should look the same. In no case are your data modified.


It works.

Thank you very much to help me!