Get calculated parameter values using Batch Processing


I want to use Batch processing. I have a prepared a macro script which I provides the mean and standard deviation values on the sample images. I want to use this script for batch processing and get the output values per image in a separate file (.txt or excel). I am unable to find a way to do so, since batch → macro, just makes changes in the image being used. Please help


Welcome, and sorry you’re having issues! If your workflow is indeed in CellProfiler you can spit out spreadsheets with the ExportToSpreadsheet module (and image measurements like those you describe can be made pretty easily in the MeasureImageIntensity module, no custom macros needed).

I think there’s a chance you may have tagged us in error though, since we don’t have a batch mode. If you want help from the ImageJ folks, feel free to just swap the tag on this post and I’m sure they will be able to give you some help.

Thank you Beth. It was my mistake foe tagging cellprofiler. Thanks for the clarification


Absolutely no problem! If you do want to execute your workflow in CellProfiler, it sounds doable, come back and ask for help anytime :slight_smile:

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