Geometric center position of ROI



I have a segmented image containing 50 neurons with an ROI drawn around their cell body. In the ROI manager, the XY positions for the ROI are the initial point from which the ROI was generated (at least as far as I can tell). Would it be possible to extract the geometric center of the ROI in terms of the XY coordinate?




Good day Doug,

if you have the ROIs listed in the ROI-Manager, things are quite easy:

  1. Go to “Analyze >> Set Measurements…” and check “Centroid” only.
  2. In the ROI-Manager click “Deselect”
  3. In the ROI-Manager go to “More” and then click “Multi Measure”
  4. In the then opening dialog uncheck both options and click “OK”

You get a Results table listing the geometric center coordinates of all ROIs.
If you prefer the centers of mass instead, you have to make the according choice in “Set Measurements…”.